Sue Ryder Foundation


We quite often have furniture that we don't want or simply don't have room for. We quite often give to Sue Ryder who can then sell in their shop.

British Heart Foundation

house clearance maidstone donations to BFF

A lot of customers who are clearing their loved ones homes want to give something back to the charities that helped them. We are always happy to drop off items to the BFF who have two shops in Maidstone.

Homeless Charities


There are lots of homeless charities in Maidstone and Medway and we work with The Don Doel Foundation.   We collect and donate food each Christmas and also give beds and blankets etc when we have them. 

Other Charities

Maidstone House Clearance company is always willing to work with customers choice of charities.

There are lots of Charity shops in Maidstone and we are willing to donate any items from our clearances that customers want us to.

Charity Starts At Home


Sometimes our customers need us to go that little bit further. We are always happy to help out any way we can.

Vulnerable People

At Maidstone House Clearance Company we work with vulnerable people and their representatives

We do work with a company that handles finances for vulnerable people. When we are needed, we work closely with that company to ensure that strict guidelines are stuck to and certain measures are in place.